Watertrough Childrens Alliance-
help us protect our children
We are a very involved community in Western Sonoma County and signing this petition is the first step we will take to protect our children's lives. Save yourself a big fight, bad publicity and all that trouble. Instead you can choose to be a Hero.
Ms. Rachael Flug, Ca

Dear Appropriate Agencies, We urge you to pay prompt attention to the urgent matter of chemical warfare against the Earth. We urge you to hold LIFE ABOVE PROFIT and consider the profit of prohibiting the poisons that cause serious disease and suffering, especially in children, from pesticides

Ms. Loriel Golden, CA

Our children deserve clean air, water and earth to play on. Please help make sure this is not taken away from them.

Mrs. Tracy Lough, CA

Children are most sensitive to lead compounds and other pesticides. Converting an apple orchard to vineyards will release lead arsenate in the soil. Pesticides drift must never come in contact with school bldgs and playgrounds..

Dr. Edmée Danan, MD, CA

I cherish the beautiful orchard next to our school and highly resent the agrobusiness of the wineries coming in and ripping it out. I don't want my son to be exposed to the pesticides and the dust and the fertilizers that undoubtedly will be used.

Mrs. Liz Levy, CA

Member, Sebastopol City Council. Express your concern about these practices by refusing to purchase Hobbs wines and encouraging your friends to do the same.

Mr. John Eder, CA

This is not the right location for a vineyard. Too many young bodies and minds are at risk of excessive pollution. thank you
Mr. Andrew Russell, CA


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