Watertrough Childrens Alliance-
help us protect our children
Each signature is being forwarded to the Ag. Commissioner and Efren Carillo's office and the THUSD

Here are some of the concerns:

Ms. Paula Downing, CA
May 27, 07:57
# 372
Mr. Hobbs - I would suggest that it is better to work with the community than to fight with mothers who are caring for their children. Here's hoping that you are smart enough to know this.

Mr. r studer, CA
May 24, 16:46
# 368
I live within shouting distance of these schools with my horses and dogs. I don't want them affected by the proposed vineyard anymore than the school children. I don't want the noise, the pollution, the risk of pesticide drift, the increased traffic and all the other negatives associated with such an operation. Just because (The conversion) fits in the ministerial standard does not make it the prudent thing to do. If an explosives factory fit the ministerial standard would our commissioners find that acceptable as well? Let Paul Hobbs develop somewhere else other than next door to such a high concentration of our future generations.

Mrs. Laurel Rocklewitz, CA
May 31, 09:33
# 387
My husband and I are homeowners just a few doors away from the expected vineyard. I'm in fear that my well will be sucked dry or contaminated by his conventional farming practices. I think the emphasis should be on pressuring Hobbs to make this an organic/bio-diverse vineyard. Since, I highly doubt, a petition will stop him from planting his crop.

Mrs. Pam Bugbee, CA
May 29, 19:07
# 383
Change will always occur so I am not trying to dispute change however, I am trying to encourage a change to protect our children, natural habitat, earth and community. Lets look at organic farming solution as a compromise to appease all. Let's go ORGANIC!


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