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It has been raining here and we were concerned with the water runoff that was occurring from the Paul Hobbs Winery orchard conversion.  It was truly amazing to visit the site.  Several people had called into the Water Board and it was feeling like there would not be anyone available until the next day to visit the site, so after researching what the Water Board would require for a sediment sample, we went to collect the samples ourselves.  

Here are some photos from our visit.  The scene was devastating and the dreary rain only expressed the sadness that we felt seeing 40+ acres of dead trees and barren land. Only two weeks ago this space was very alive!

As we were leaving we saw that the Ag Commissioners office and the Water Board had arrived.  We exchanged information and gave them our samples and they seemed to agree that this was not acceptable practices for the construction site.  It is clear that it will be up to us to monitor the conversion and report to the appropriate agencies if we see any violations.  There is not enough staff to make sure the "farmer" is following "the rules". 

Hopefully this is a win for WCA, as we were told the project would be red flagged until the drainage issue was remedied!  

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