Watertrough Childrens Alliance-
help us protect our children
To every person that showed up to our Public Forum and continues to support us. We are enthusiastic and energized to continue our work to keep our children safe and all of the sensitive population protected from unwanted exposure to chemicals and pesticides. In no way are we anti-farming, in every way are we pro-healthy living.

We are continuing to focus on slowing/stopping/improving the conversion until we know our children will not be put in harms way, by requesting comprehensive soil tests on the land. We are convinced there needs to be 3rd party soil tests and then there needs to be an agreement that the vineyard will go certified organic, so we know there is no spray and chemical fertilizers used. 

We are also continuing our work on the school Protective/Buffer zones.  This will require Community organizing, networking with other Sonoma County schools, working with the local government agencies and officials to create a permanent change to the legislation that will protect all school children  and sensitive populations from exposure to Agricultural chemicals.  Just as there is a reduced speed limit, a no drug zone, a no tobacco use zone, a no sex offender zone surrounding all schools in California…the time has come for a no Spray zone!  It is TIME for this to be addressed.

Thank you to Barry from WaccoBB for this great video and quick edit

It was incredible to see so many people from so many different arenas come together to discuss, listen, learn and educate about the issues of Pesticide use in Agriculture and specifically in our county. 
You can find some public feedback on our Forum here on WaccoBB.net: http://www.waccobb.net/forums/showthread.php?98463-Grange-Hall-Paul-Hobbs&p=166870#post166870

As of this posting, no other local news outlets have mentioned such a news worthy Public Forum, we sincerely hope that changes too!

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